The Institute for Employment Studies (IES) has kindly given GRN members access to their AI Job Interview Toolkit. Following extensive research by Dr Zahira Jaser and team at the University of Sussex Business School you can use the toolkit to support young people using tech in your application process.

Becci Newton, Director, Public Policy and Research at IES explains further, “the key message for graduates and recruiters is to be clear/inquisitive when using AVI tech about the role of AI and what it will assess and how. For graduates, understanding what is being measured means they can perform to that in their video. So, if it is what they say, rather than how they say it, this will lead to decisions to focus on content rather than style. If instead (or in addition) the AI will be looking for positivity and engagement, that would lead to a set of behaviours in recorded interviews. The platforms used have different capabilities so these questions could be posed to employers/recruiters or direct to platforms (they have low accountability to individuals whereas because this is a costed service to employers, there is much more investment in that relationship). There could be merits in asking upfront about the format of the video, as it seemed many young people were surprised to find themselves invited to produce a video rather than meet with a human being.

For recruiters, being aware of what the tech will do and measure is equally important. As I’ve been disseminating this, the equalities and diversity angle has become increasingly important. I have heard that one company assessed its top talent and then specified these attributes and characteristics in their recruitment tech. This comes with risks for narrowing the recruitment pool, rather than diversifying it (and we know that diversity has positive effect for organisations). There is also something about being an employer of choice – whether the tech communicates that message to individuals.”

Further evidence supports the growing usage and acceptance of digital recruitment methods.

– A Gartner survey of 334 employers in 2020 revealed that 86% of employers surveyed had used virtual technology to interview candidates to overcome recruitment challenges in the COVID-19 pandemic.

– The Job Description Library finds a 67% increase in the use of video interviews between 2020 – 2021.

– Mercer’s Global Talent Trends 2019 report found that 41% of US companies used chatbots to engage with candidates during recruitment and 40% to lead screening and assessing of candidates during recruitment.