Leading graduate recruiters such as Accenture, Barclays, BBC, Macquarie and BCG were treated to an engaging presentation about diversity and inclusion at the recent invite-only GRN event in London. Presented by Liz Wilkinson (Royal Holloway) and Toby Mildon (BBC), please read our summary of the two hour event with five tips that can make a difference to your graduate recruitment in 2017.

1. Think Inclusion not Diversity. Seek to maximise the potential of every individual in your organisation.

2. Gender Split. EY tested the effect on their bottom line by mixing their teams of consultants to 50% men and 50% women and saw results rise by 30%.

3. Shortermism. This is the generation that has been labelled the Me, Me, Me Generation. In uncertain times who can blame them?! Try and sell the immediate benefits as well as the long term career progression to graduates as many will be seeking security and reassurance.

4. Employability not Enjoyability. Students view University as the start of their career so they seek opportunities to build their CV and hoover up skills. What opportunities can you offer students before they graduate?

5. Am I Good Enough? Many students are expressing a crisis of confidence when it comes job hunting. How can you attract those that are qualified, keen to impress but maybe overwhelmed by the process?

This is just a flavour of the topics covered during a typical GRN event. It’s free and a fantastic opportunity to develop as a professional graduate recruiter in your sector with a diverse range of graduate recruiters facing the same challenges.