Leading graduate recruiters such as Santander, Newton, Wedlake Bell LLP and Morrison’s were treated to two engaging presentations from a graduate recruiter and a University. Gemma Kenyon from City Careers Service kicked off with their “View From Campus” followed by Rob Gill, graduate recruiter at global car manufacturer, JLR, giving insights and lessons learnt about their recent HR operational changes. I have summarised the two hour event into three takeaways that can make a real difference to graduate recruitment at in 2017.

1. New DLHE – Did you know that Universities will change the way they track their alumni from 2020 by contacting them not six months but 15 months after graduating to ascertain their status if that is employment or further study. Will this reflect a truer definition of a “graduate job”?

2. Badges – Universities will now be awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze badge. The badges are based on the new Teaching excellence framework (TEF) and salaries will also be added to this data with the help of HMRC. The criteria will be; Teacher quality (TQA), Employability (DLHE), Student satisfaction (NSS) and retention of 1st to 2nd year students. Just one negative flag means you don’t hit gold. Evidently there’s more pressure on Universities to deliver but ultimately will they meet employer’s needs?

3. Hybrid Model – Have you considered using a blend of in-house and RPO for your organisation? JLR, Google and Sky have. Control of certain things, like branding in these cases, were best kept in house whereas other functions, like candidate attraction, could be outsourced to trusted partners. This is just a flavour of the topics covered during a typical GRN event. To join please apply for membership and receive invites for future events. Our 2017 events calendar is as follows;

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