The pace of change in HR Tech is alarming with huge investments being made right now so what can we expect to learn from some of the practical examples currently being deployed in graduate recruitment?

At the recent invitation-only GRN Masterclass, members were treated to insights from both Higher Education and Inhouse recruiters by Lynne Hamilton-Gow from ICAEW and Max Knupfer from Jenny from GRB did a fantastic job opening and chairing the event and also announcing the new website for GRN!

In attendance to hear these insights were senior early talent managers from forward-thinking recruiters such as Accenture, Adobe, Boeing, John Lewis Partnership and Selecta plus many others, kindly hosted at ICAEW in London. After an engaging Q&A session, GRN members were enlightened with practical advice to go back to their teams and their next board meetings. So, what were some of the key takeaways?

1. Workflow audit. Max explained that a worthwhile starting point is to first assess how much of your workflow is dominated by processes that could be automated. Once you have discovered where you can streamline and become leaner you can then seek out technical solutions. Think of the time you can spend doing more productive (and potentially more interesting) tasks than getting bogged down in admin. Start today!

2. Students are busy too! Lynne explain that engaging with students is made difficult when the brightest students are focussed on completing their degree; lack understanding of opportunities outside of degree area and are intimidated by big brands.  How can you seek ways to address these pain points in your next campaign and see positive engagement?

3. The devil’s in the data. Max explained how understanding and using your data can prove invaluable not just from a cost saving but from the improved intelligence on your candidate profiles. How well do you know your audience? ML and AI can give you more insights then ever before.

This GRN Masterclass was recorded for our fifth release in the GRN Masterclass Podcast series available now. This will give members who were unable to attend (and those based outside of London) an opportunity to benefit from these learnings. Do you have something to add to the debate? I’d love to hear examples of best practice to share with GRN members so do send me an email at

This is just a flavour of the topics covered during a typical GRN event. To join GRN please apply for membership and receive invites for future events. Our 2019 events calendar is as follows;

• December 10th 8.45am-11am. ICAEW, London

It’s free and a fantastic opportunity to develop as a professional graduate recruiter in your sector with a diverse range of graduate recruiters facing the same challenges.