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Hear from the experts on ways to position your organisation to attract a diverse range of graduate applicants.

Set up in 2009, Graduate Recruiters Network (GRN) has over 2,800 members. Join us for our 12th invitation-only GRN webinar designed just for graduate recruiters. Learn from how the experts position their employer brand to attract a more diverse range of graduate applicants. The agenda will be as follows;


12:30pm Introduction and Welcome – Dan Hawes, Co-Founder at GRB. Understand the background to GRN and the learning outcomes for today’s webinar.

12:40pm  GRN Webinar: How to Reach Diverse Graduates – Jackie Grisdale, Youth Marketing Strategist at SMRS. Racial inequality remains a top concern amongst young people, with recent events such as BLM shining a brighter light on what employers are doing to ensure equality and inclusion. During this session, we’ll take a look at what you can do to ensure your early careers recruitment strategies are effectively reaching and connecting with diverse talent. We’ll explore why putting your audience at the heart of everything you do is so important, how to effectively use market data to identify untapped talent pools, and how you can cut through and turn heads with a spark of creativity and compelling content.

1:30pm Close


Dan Hawes is Co-Founder of GRB. Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB) are the go-to platform for first-class University students, graduates and recruiters. Established in 1997 by two graduates we have 40 staff and over 1,800 clients across all sectors with clients such as the Post Office, IBM, Unilever and Ocado and several fast-growing SMEs. Our recruitment experts have successfully matched over 8,000 graduates with full time graduate level jobs.

In addition, he is responsible for B2B marketing and representing GRB, Metrica and Cortex to recruiters in the UK successfully ensuring they remain connected with the best employers and the first choice for first-class graduate talent.

Jackie Grisdale is a Youth Marketing Strategist at SMRS. With over a decade of experience in youth marketing, Jackie has a deep understanding of the future talent market and the challenges faced by employers when it comes to apprentice and graduate recruitment.

She has a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the youth audience enabling her to develop strategies which effectively target, attract and engage young people. Joining SMRS in early 2019, Jackie works with a number of national and global employers providing strategic insight and consultancy using her skills and expertise in future talent attraction marketing to support organisations with their strategic approach to emerging talent.

>> This webinar will be recorded and circulated afterwards <<


“I’m looking forward to this webinar. The whole series has been great.”

“The GRN event was really useful – particularly because of the number of grads we’re recruiting this year! The facts/figures from were really interesting and has definitely given me a bit more understanding to what we need to do to ensure we’re supporting our new grads when they join. Looking forward to the next one!”

“I very much enjoyed the event – thanks and congratulations to all concerned – and will certainly be attending future ones.”

“Finally made it to an event, really enjoyed yesterday.Insightful speakers and a good mix of professionals in the room. I really like the event being educational rather than sales based.”

“Very interesting session: very enjoyable.”

“I really enjoyed the event yesterday and found it really useful. I hadn’t been to a GRB meeting previously but will definitely try to attend more in the future as there was some great food for thought.”

“The interaction with those in similar positions is of real value and can only be provided at such forums thus making them unique.”

“I thought the session was really useful and really good to have people from different industries.”

“Really enjoyed this morning, I think you hit just the right balance of information and informality.”

“I thought it was very good actually – apart from the fact that I was desperately trying to hide the fact that I had been somewhat ill during the night (not alcohol related I might add!), it was good.  Carl is a good speaker and person to get things moving etc – good range of industries/companies represented too.”

“Thanks for yesterday.  My first time going to one of those events, rather than hosting them on the other side of the fence!  Was very interesting and useful.”

“Thanks for a very enjoyable and interesting event this morning.”