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Our feedback


With over 3,000 members representing large and small employers across the full spectrum of sectors, GRN represents a major part of this dynamic industry. Here’s what some of them had to say…

I found Arlene’s webinar around managing intergenerational differences in the workplace really informative and insightful. I have only recently transitioned into the area of HR, so will definitely be keen to join future sessions around key topics.
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Anne Yumi
Thank you for an eye opening session. Really good to get the larger perspective and highlighted a number of pertinent elements we can do more of to get students ready. We might have picked up the pieces but for them they still scrambling.
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Raylene Littler
The webinar this morning was great. The four grads did a great job of communicating what they need from companies and this will help us to develop ideas for our own Grad Programme this and next year.
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Caroline Bowman

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